Sorry For The Delay

Hi everyone,

How are you?

Thank you for checking back on the blog, I check the stats regularly and the SOL blog is still being read worldwide! In the last week I’ve seen views from Ireland, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia…

It means so much that you care to read my ramblings. I had planned to blog regularly throughout October to coincide with Lupus Awareness Month here in the UK. However, if you read my previous post, you’ll have seen that I’ve been dealing with a horrible Lupus flare.

I’m only just coming out of a huge setback caused by Pleurisy and chest infections. I probably should have blogged about it but I was just too unwell.

I hope to be back soon with regular posts and i’m thinking of vlogging and creating a SOL Youtube channel. Maybe. Let us know if you’d be interested in watching SOL on YouTube! Tweet us or comment on our Facebook page.

I sincerely hope that you are doing as well as can be.

Speak soon XOXO