November Blues

Welcome back!
I’m really pleased to see that the blog is still getting lots of views even after Lupus awareness month. Thanks for the support, it means a lot to us.

So, how are you feeling?
As the title suggests, I’m taking to the blog to share a few of my grievances…

1. I had high hopes for November but so far, it’s been stress city.

2. I’ve been really, really depressed recently and a total emotional mess. I think I’m slowly realising that I’ve got a lot of hospital time ahead of me with the new treatment starting. I’m also convinced that I may have Cushing’s Syndrome. I know that it’s common to get Cushing’s with Lupus and I have the majority of the symptoms. If you’ve got any experience with Cushing’s, please leave a comment on the Sick of Lupus Facebook page and we can talk about it.

“Cushing’s syndrome often develops as a side effect of treatment with corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are widely used to reduce inflammation and treat autoimmune conditions (where the immune system malfunctions and attacks healthy tissue)”

In short, prolonged use of steroids can cause you to develop further complications like Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Cushing’s. I’m really tired of having to manage Lupus AND…

3. People that make life harder for people with illness and disabilities are showing up everywhere!
If I’m not being eye rolled by someone that thinks I’m usually a blue badge illegally, I’m being penalised for having a chronic illness. I’m currently looking for an affordable travel insurance quote for a 7 day trip to NYC. Yesterday I spoke to 3 companies, one is quoting more than the price of my airfare, the other simply said; “unfortunately, it’s too much of a financial risk for us to cover a trip to the USA, but call us again if you want to go to Europe”.
I’ve given up searching for the moment because it’s just making me too upset. I’m not planning to tightrope walk between 2 skyscrapers whilst fire eating on rollerblades and carrying a newborn baby, I just want standard travel insurance for peace of mind. (When/if I find a decent company, I’ll update the website with current links)

4. My cognitive function is failing and it’s really frightening. I seem to have permanent brain fog where I can’t remember things and/or I get very confused. Therefore I’m feeling like an idiot in work situations and around friends and family. I feel like a really, really stupid person and so I just end up feeling worse about myself!

From this blog post, you’d think I’m a really miserable, awful person. I’m not, I promise. I’m just overwhelmed by all of these things that I cannot control. I imagine many of you out there feel the same way?

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to going to America. With or without travel insurance. I’m excited to be in one of the worlds most vibrant and exciting cities. It’s also one of the places I missed on my gap year because I became too ill to travel. (I was diagnosed on my gap year)
Therefore, I’m taking a stand against the November blues. It’s all change from this moment on! #positivethoughtsonly

Til next time,