Crazy Thought…

This is a short one, I just wanted to share a crazy idea I had.

Just imagine there was a Lupus simulator experience that people could try. It would be an insight into  the most challenging pars of chronic illness and a way to help explain how illness impacts your life! Anyone up for the experiment would do it for a whole week. 

It would be a controlled experiment where people would get to actually feel fatigue, feel pain (both minor and excessive), feel emotional pain, feel stress, feel awful whilst looking healthy on the outside and take medications (placebo ofcourse!)

Perhaps they’d also wear weighted clothes to see how steroid weight gain feels. Perhaps they’d try to book simple things like travel insurance after disclosing their illness. 

What about work? In this imaginary scenario, the person would wake up still felling tired, they’d ache, they’d still feel incredibly fatigued, would most likely feel sick or nauseous BUT they’d still have to go to work. 

At work, they’d use all their energy trying to appear ‘fine’ or ‘normal’ and after work, they’d most likely crash and feel too awful too cook or do much around the house. The next day would be exactly the same. 

I wonder how many people would be up for a challenge like this? Would friends and family try it? 

Maybe one day something like this would exist! And not just for lupus but for other chronic illnesses too. I’d like to think that if my loved one had a chronic illnesses and I could see how it actually feels, I’d want a better insight. 

A good idea? Comment below on tweet sickoflupus. 


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