This will be a very short note as I’m recovering from Pleurisy. I had breathing problems and horrendous chest pain early this week and went to the emergency room. They’ve given me medication and advised lots of rest. 

I just wanted to talk about how Lupus gets lost amongst other, bigger causes and charities. (And it’s not just Lupus, there are so many other causes that we just don’t hear about.)

I heard something recently that I can’t stop thinking about. When I went to hospital this week, my doctor commented that Lupus doesn’t get the real attention it deserves. In his opinion, “Lupus isn’t one of those trendy diseases.” He compared the publicity to that of cancer and spoke of how autoimmune illnesses will never be able to compete. 

It’s always so disappointing when I’ve seen the destruction that Lupus can cause yet I also see it go unnoticed in the public eye. Illness isn’t a competition and there are many conditions that I myself have never even heard of, but year after year, October rolls by and if you’re lucky, there might be a short article in the press. 

In the UK, it’s currently Breast Cancer Awareness Month. An incredibly important cause. The amount of publicity that it will receive is astounding. Some of the worlds largest companies will be supporting the cause. The fashion and beauty world will sell special edition, pink items with proceeds going to charity and TV personalities will wear a pink ribbon. Tomorrow, I’ll be wearing pink to work as my company are also supporting the campaign.

I just wish that one day, I would hear someone say; “You know that incurable illness that devastates the lives of millions worldwide and can be completely debilitating, the one that causes pain, rashes, inflammation of any part of the body, fatigue, miscarriage, hair loss, depression, organ failure and can also kill? Well, we’re going to support that cause on a really big scale.”

Until then, we will have to make do with sharing the stage with the big dogs and wait our turn. 

Thanks so much for reading. 

I’ll finish with a thought from Dr Gregory House.  He understands!

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