Blog’s 1st Birthday & A Very BIG Thankyou! 

Hello all! 

I just wanted to say a very big Thankyou for supporting the Sick of Lupus blog for an entire year!

The blog was created to coincide with Lupus Awareness Month 2014 (UK). I wanted to do my bit to help spread awareness and to show the different aspects of life with chronic illness. After reading so many amazing messages from you all, I decided to carry on posting to my little space on the Internet,and  thanks to WordPress stats, I can share with you just how far the blog has travelled!


It’s crazy to think that my ramblings have gone global! We really are a community, even if we don’t know one another personally. When I’m writing, I literally feel like I’m writing to friends and I always know that someone, somewhere can relate. 

So where are you from? I’d love to know! Tweet sickoflupus or comment below to let me know!

Finally, when I first started writing, I wanted to be anonomous because I thought it would help me to be more honest. From the website to Facebook and Twitter, Sickoflupus is a team effort but I personally write these blogs. 

I think it’s high time that I introduce myself! Better late than never eh?!

So, hi! I’m Shari and its very lovely to meet you! ⤵️ this is me ⤵️

So once again, I’ll be posting for the duration of Lupus Awareness Month. I’ll probably post every other day to avoid bombarding you! However, if you want me to write about anything specific, please tweet us or comment on any of our social media.Once again, 



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