The Lupus a Awareness Month Diaries: Day 30

I can’t believe I only have one more of these to write after today! I hope you’ve been enjoying them or atleast found parts of it useful/comforting.
After Lupus awareness month, I’ll continue writing but I’ll probably post weekly or fortnightly. You can also keep updated via our Twitter, Facebook and the main website.

Today has been a good day. I’m experiencing a lot of discomfort and sickness but emotionally, things are good today. I feel more optimistic than I have been feeling lately.
I spent the evening with my family last night and it was real quality time, that really lifted my spirits.

I had my usual hallucinations last night (I’d love a camera in my room so I could watch exactly what I do in my sleep and how I react to them. It might also explain how my curtains ended up open! I’ve also woken up in the hallway before, thank god I don’t have stairs!)

I was so fatigued this morning and I could not get up out of bed. My body felt heavy and I didn’t posses the strength to move. I think I finally got out of bed close to 10.45. Yesterday was quite draining so I don’t feel bad about sleeping in.

As my holiday gets closer, I’m trying to keep that positive momentum going. I bought a coat today and it made me really happy because it’s my ‘New York coat’. Yes, it’s just a coat but if you’ve read my earlier posts, you’ll know the stress involved whenever I go shopping for clothes!!

I’m also trying to stay positive in the hope that my body cooperates with me, especially in the upcoming weeks. I really hope that I’m physically well enough to enjoy my time away, even though it’ll be be a very Lupus conscious trip. I certainly won’t be parading down 5th avenue, more like a gentle stroll with lots of intervals to rest. Either way, there could worse places to sit and watch the world go by!

Til tomorrow,

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