The Lupus Awareness Month Diaries: Day 28

Hi everyone. It’s a very short blog post today. Last night I had an overwhelming feeling of sadness and got caught up in the stress of illness and all that comes with it.

I’d been ok for most of yesterday but then things began to hurt and swell and seize and ache etc etc.
Instead of being upset about the pain, I got upset about EVERYTHING and made a mental list of everything that’s wrong with me. Not the best thing to do before going to bed!

In a nutshell, that’s where I am at the moment. I’m an achey, tired and stressed mess!

I could ramble forever about my feelings, or I could keep it short and sweet. I know most people will prefer the latter!

As you’ve seen in my previous posts, I love pictures that help to explain things better than I can. The following quotes literally sum up my life at this exact moment. I’m spending far too much time on over thinking and negative thinking. Clearly anxiety and stress aren’t helpful with Lupus but I’d image a lot of us with chronic illness can relate to the following.




It’s my big Rheumatology appointment tomorrow so I’m having an early night. I’ve not seen a Rheumatologist for almost 5 months so I’m eager to see what happens…

Til next time

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